Thursday, December 3, 2015

December Arrives

December is always busy for most people. I may be no exception, at least once in a while.

I was working on my Atlantic salmon fly projects/orders around and after Thanksgiving. Weather turned nice today, upper 40s!! and somewhat windy but no life-hazardous. I was able to fish DePuy's Spring Creek for a couple hours in the afternoon.
I hit a right spot and several brown trout entertained me.

I finished the spot with this nice rainbow!!
I moved and hit another spot. I hooked and missed 3 in a row! Two of them looked big....... Persistence and perseverance. Gotcha! I wasn't surprised that there were still good size browns in the creek but definitely happy!

To me, this afternoon was very typical for this time of year, based on my notes. There are some very late spawning browns in the creek then "winter-run" rainbows are entering. This is actually an interesting time to be on the creek.
Here's the recent work: The Captain - Yamamoto's Variant
Variant aka Fancy.
The original Captain by Mr. Kelson has dubbed Seal's fur body and "strings" of under-wing.
I replaced, respectively, to smooth silk body in the same color scheme and stacked & married under-wing with the same feathers = peacock secondary, Amherst tail, & golden pheasant tail.
These two are becoming some of my signature styles.
There will be more to come till next spring!

I hope to get out fishing some more afternoons this months. It's hard to define this winter yet. It's certainly cold but it doesn't seem we are having so much snow "yet". We'll find out soon.

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the busy month!

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