Friday, December 11, 2015

New Pardner

Winds have been dangerously strong for the past several days (up until today - oh, my eyes are dilated!). I haven't fished since the last post. But also I've been with some other stuffs in life.

As I introduced a couple of posts ago, I decided to say goodbye to my good old F-150 after 11 years of service. Then I acquired a new partner. It's actually the same model and the same year but in "wine" and half the mileage.
Before I go on the new partner, I'd like to share the last memory.
Yes, this is in "mile", not "kilometer" (drove another couple hundred more miles to the dealer where I traded in). Under my ownership for the past 11 years, it ran over 190,000 miles for me.
One day in this October, I walked along my good old pal. I noticed many dents and nicks, some of which I didn't even recognize how it had happened. Bumper show that I hit two small deer.
I felt sad. I had to feel, as many people had said to me, this had passed its due and life way too long. I didn't want to see it fall apart somewhere on the street. Not just because I would get stuck, but that would make me much sadder.

So I decided to look for a new rig within my budget. It was some pain and headache. I needed a tough rig that would work for fishing, guiding (accommodate clients and their gears), and seasonal cattle breeding. It had to be a 4WD & 4-door solid pickup truck. Coincidentally, I found the same model that I have known by heart & feel!! Exterior is nice and certainly much prettier than my old one. Then with half the mileage on the odd meter, it runs so light & young!!
Yesterday, a brandnew matched campershell was installed.
No boat towed yet, but this is how it looks like on the bank of Yellowstone River for next many years!
It did inherit the same attitude!!
I set up the bed as it was with the same kit. This time, campershell was upgraded. Our fishing rods will be kept without breaking, which had been somewhat nuisances at times with the old rig. This will be great walk/wade trips on Yellowstone Park and Livingston's spring creeks.
Most likely I will update more so rods are snugly fit and secured. I'm coming up with ideas and gadgets and will experiment with my own rods before hordes of clients will visit me next summer.
The new rig is as conspicuous as the old one and I certainly felt obliged to design an original salmon fly to express something in me. Burgundy (claret) body and silver plates on both sides would be the most eye-catching and distinctive features. So claret and similar colors occupied the fly. Jungle cock feathers imitate blinkers!
And then I have just hanged on the rearview mirror.............
Yes, this was my first impression and inspiration!! The bottle have been in my house just so someday to toss coins or perhaps some other ideas. But over all, cheap & big & burgundy..............It just fits!!
So, with friendly tones, I godfathered my new (old) truck & the accompanying fly Signor Rossi.
Speaking of a new partner, I'd like to welcome a cordial partner in my life.

Hope to report some fishing in the next post! Have a good weekend, everyone!