Monday, December 21, 2015

Season's Greeting

Here in Paradise Valley, and surrounding areas, we are finally experiencing a winter-like winter, as it's supposed to be. Yes, it's cold to be outside and shoveling is the extra workout, but fresh snow on the ground is beautiful to see and greatly appreciated for next year's river flows around here.

I was able to get out and fish DePuy's Spring Creek for two afternoons. I just picked up two nice days! Just as I expected, based on my experience and journal entries, "winter-run" rainbows are in the system and some browns are still active.
No photoshop or bad angle of my camera, this rainbows appeared just as in this picture!
 I didn't catch any large specimens, but some browns are still in bright spawning colors.
 Good 'un!
Somewhat surprising to encounter this stranger at this time of year!

My salmon fly framing project is going well.
Followings are based on Dr. T.E. Pryce-Tannatt "How to Dress Salmon Flies" (1914), and dressed on Partridge of Reddich Sprite Pryce-Tannatt 4/0.

Rosy Dawn
Perhaps some of you might get an idea about what I'm up to....... I'm not setting any due dates to complete this one. I dress one by one.

Merry Christmas and Good Holiday seasons for everyone!
Faithfully Yours, Satoshi Yamamoto - LEFTY ANGLER & FLIES

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