Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spring Fishing Going Strong!

As the spring grows (deepen? or spring?), I'm fishing FULL-TIME and harder. Daily weather still varies a lot. Certainly daily fishing conditions can be affected but if one can figure out what works or not, one can have good fishing! I'd like to say I've been doing well. Then again, I've been fishing a lot = hence lots of pictures. This post is a semi-photo gallery with minimum writings....... Scroll through!

DePuy's Spring Creek is offering some of the best spring fishing = as always this time of year! 
Tuesday 3/29, it was some of the wildest stormy conditions I've been on the creek. But I braved. Midge hatch was very doable!
Just checking.......uh-oh..........
Nice brown!
My friend Jared and I did mix up some other enjoyments

Wednesday 3/30, I did so-so during the afternoon hatch.
However evening hatch was one of a kind!! I nailed two nice browns!!

Thursday 3/31, it was another wild weather!! Luckily it lasted for only a few minutes.
A nice colored rainbow!
Hmmmmm......baetis inside!!
Then I kept working....... I got some nice actions, even a bit too much for my light 4-wt.......
Yay!! Perhaps the BIGGEST rainbow caught on my light 4wt rod with 6X tippet!!
Friday, 4/1, back to a nice sunny day...........are you confused with our weather yet?
Baetis hatch was OK
I just can't describe by words but it was a classic brown trout spot with a classic its action/take.
Another impressive trout for this spring!!
This weekend turned out to be very nice. Renee and I fished along Yellowstone River.
She caught her first ever Yellowstone Cutthroat!!
Action continued........
We knew it was a nice one at the end of her line. After some nervous tug-of-war plus my worthless advises, we got it!!

No compliments, this is some of the largest Cutts I've ever seen in Montana section of Yellowstone River!! Congratulation, Renee!!
Furthermore, as an added bonus, it was tagged! We'll be sending in the information to MT FWP and would like to here this trout's history!
I catch once in a while.........
 She's getting the job done...........!!

 This was a nice one!
 Afternoon actions

I get back to another full-time week as of tomorrow!
Hope to report more in the next post!!

This year, I can't attend the annual Yellowstone River Cleanup as I am going to attend East Idaho Fly Tying Expo on the same weekend (more details about Expo later). So we have picked up whatever we found over the weekend. Just a little contribution for our beloved River.........


  1. Is there any good areas for a wade fisherman? I've always wanted to fish the Yellowstone (I've driven by it numerous of times back and forth from Minneapolis to Helena). It's on my checklist before I move out of Montana and head to Idaho. Any information would be appreciated. Love the blog!

    1. There are plenty of public accesses and many are doable by wade-fishing. I suggest you to buy a river map or a guide book or hire a guide at least for a day.