Monday, March 28, 2016

Back to Home Waters

The Bighorn Trip was one of my biggest plans for this spring. Before & after, I also had been busy with small errands and jobs. Interestingly, all of those got done at about the same time! So I went back to my routines. As much as I enjoy other waters in Montana, I'm always glad and feel content when I fish Livingston area.

I got back to DePuy's Spring Creek and visited with other regular anglers to catch up with fishing while I was away. Midge & baetis hatches have been good!! This rainbow greeted me right at the first cast!

I can't remember the last time I caught such a telltale cutbow like this!

 During the baetis hatch!

A super technically surface feeding Whitie.........
 So cute!!
After the hatch, I did look for an opportunity for a Big One........
Then it's nice to launch my boat on Yellowstone River too!!
Everyone has gone through the first time on the oars........
Right now she's better at fishing! At one particular spot, we encountered a group of rises after rises!!
Congratulation for your first ever Whitefish in Montana - on a tiny midge dry-fly!!
This is my catch.......
I'm not sure if I can attend the annual Yellowstone River Cleanup this year (more details to follow). So in case I can't, I just did what I could contribute.

So the pre-runoff fishing in Paradise Valley (and surrounding area) has begun and been doing well!!


  1. Nice trip report. Can never tell if a "first cast" fish is a blessing or curse, glad it was the former for you. Dig the cutbow.

    1. I always like the 5-mile = one-way = trip to the creek. I've been happy and blessed with every fish coming up on dry-flies!

  2. Satoshi, the Baetis and midges just like you better! Tell Renee that rowing is very honorable and much more fun than fishing.

    1. I'm shifting to get up there from the morning - soon, not tomorrow ;-). She's been enjoying every moment on the waters so far. I hope she'll catch up with rowing soon - mostly so I can fish!