Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring Fishing 2!

As of this typing, some winter-ish weather is coming back and seeming to stay until this coming weekend. However, spring fly-fishing has been here. It's already beyond signs or premonitions. I have had another great fishing through the previous week. Let's look.

There were a few very windy days through the last week. I went to DePuy's Spring Creek and looked for some rising trout and somewhat protected spots from winds. Friday turned out to be the best condition we could wish for. It was mostly overcast and, believe or not, dead-calm-no-windy day! Errands kept me somewhat behind but I made to the creek just on time. At my choice of spot, I observed a series of spring baetis hatches and rising trout! A couple of regular anglers reported the same.
I didn't hook up to any huge trout but all trout were feisty and hard-fighting.
Up until this afternoon, all the baetis-dry-fly caught trout seemed to be coming up for curiosity and their own wish, however I finally observed the hatch and trout were actually feeding on baetis from my stomach-pumps!

We also started to fish rivers and streams in our area. It's such a great time of year to explore and experience early season with some solitude and surprising encounters.
In those free-stone waters, we could clearly see and experience the arrival of spring!

Always learning.........

Catch of the day!
I got out of guiding once in a while.........

Renee has mastered all the nymphing techniques!
This week is gonna be a busy one! See what's gonna be up on next post!

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