Thursday, July 28, 2016

YNP Dawn Treader 2016: Lake - Falls #2

Yesterday, July 27th, exactly a week since my previous Dawn Treader mission, I hit the road in the darkness, again, to the same destination = Yellowstone River below Yellowstone Lake.
It was quite a learning experience a week ago. I wanted to see if I could act better and perhaps the more important factor was that Big Cutt hovering season wouldn't last long.

I rigged up my special set-up and started casting/fishing with the according tactics, that worked last week. It didn't disappoint me!! Just about 15 minutes in, I felt a tug. Again, considering the character of the river, it couldn't be a rock snag. Indeed something was moving and I felt really heavy!! It was quite a tug-of-war under the very early light!!

This was some of the most impressive trout in my notes and most likely it (its picture) will be on my wall!!
Bye bye
Then just at the downstream of the same spot, I felt another tug!
This was one size smaller than the first one or one from last week, yet still very impressive!!

So I caught "twice more" than a week ago. In other words that was all.
I tried some more spots and also sat and waited for rises. Insect hatch was again tremendous!! This time I did observe rises!!...........8 of them........... Slightly disappointed that rises didn't go on in spite of good hatches........

It was another learning & observation day. Actually I often hear from long-time anglers of this stretch that catching only 1 or a few big Cutts is very common nowadays. Regardless of methods or spots I caught these fellas or number of catching results, I am sincerely happy to see them and admire these true ancient and native species in Greater Yellowstone Region.

If you are interested in seeing them, better get out now!! Ideally be a Dawn Treader.......... 
Or it could also be better to think of next year opening day and following days in July. 
If you book a trip with me, you will automatically be enrolled in Team YNP Dawn Treader!!

Bonus shot: Oh-ah? Is this Mr. B?

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