Monday, July 18, 2016

Spring Creek, River Float, & Back Country

Only after I gave a thought for the title and typed up, did I realize that how diverse - places & methods - I fished in the previous week!!

DePuy's Spring Creek is offering anglers all kinds of actions - some are not easy........Summer Midges!!
July 11th, this was the coldest day in July that I ever experienced. It just reminded me of fishing days in March or early April...........

These guys still exist and hatch with their own whim!!
Then fishing can be as fun as one can expect!!
Conquered the morning midge hatch!! Some of the nicest Cutt!!
This angler also struggled with complexity of Summer Midges but eventually he got accustomed.

Then float trip on Yellowstone River is as productive as ever!
This angler started as new but quickly picked up skills. We had some big rises!......didn't connect well......hopefully this kind of angler will come back to Yellowstone River for future trials!!
While we were wade-fishing, my client spotted a snake - which I usually don't notice or care as long as they are not dangerous kinds. It turned out to be one of the rarest scenes we could witness and I was even able to snap pictures!
Trout is not the only one predator on sculpins!!
Renee and I also floated on a different section of Yellowstone River. Another nice weather and great fishing!
 Even I had some lucky shots!! Hopper!!
Next day we headed to Yellowstone National Park. On the way, we spotted bears!! 3 of them almost all simultaneously.
 This the record-breaking experience for us!!
Then we hit the trail to our destination. One of the pristine experience in the Park!!

A freshly tied Garside Pheasant Hopper!
 And then on my new beetle pattern!!
 Last Cutt of the day!! - successfully released!
Golden Stone on the "White Desert"...... we felt slightly misplaced........

I would guess majority of anglers who are planning/thinking to visit Montana are aware of the fact that Montana rivers are experiencing some of the lowest water year. I won't hide it or false-advertise. However, this report = my own fishing experience & destination = will show you that there are many other waters/options that are not on or can't be seen on USGS website.  Those streams hold plenty of waters in their own rights, that run cool and remain so through July and August. Not to mention with plenty of trout and insects!!

If you need honest fishing reports and stream conditions, just give me shouts!

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