Saturday, July 8, 2017

PMD on Spring Creeks

I finally found a little time to catch up with here after a series of guiding.
Pale Morning Dun hatch has been great at Livingston's spring creeks😁😄❗❗❗ Reports below are from end of June. However this year, even during early July days, PMD are still going on. So hopefully it's not too late!

This is definitely the prime time of fly-fishing and anglers' dream & paradise. Thanks to my repeating clients, I've been able to be involved in the circle.

We fished at DePuy's Spring Creek on 6/27, 28, and 29. Keyword of these 3 days was: storm⛆⛈😬We typically expect nice sunny days with some light breezes with near 90F temp by the end of June, after some typical rainy season in May and early June. This unexpected storm changed "our usual", but in an unexpectedly good way.
On 27th, we picked up some actions in the morning but the real hatch didn't start until 12:30pm and lasted very well. Trout responded accordingly.

See it suddenly got sunny........
And this was one of the largest during the trip!!

What we experienced on 28th is some of the most phenomenal (if not crazy!) in our fishing life that we wouldn't forget. On this day, besides clouds like the day before, lightning seemed closer and rained more often. In the morning, we picked up a few actions between pouring rain. Then after lunch as we decided to change the stretch, we encountered some of the best PMD hatches and tremendous number of rising trout😲😎
We kept casting and casting..............until lightnings chased us away...... We retreated to one of the huts along the creek. The nearest and loudest lightning seemed to hit on Yellowstone River or its island😵😱

Then again, after the storm we had another PMD hatch and trout rose with delights!!

29th was somewhat calmer but still mixed with rain, clouds, and sunny.
One of stomach-pumps I conducted surprised us😲 There must have been the dislodge of soil/bank and trout took advantage of it😏
Hatch and rise kept on, longer than we expected, that changed my regular lunch program🍔🌽. My angler kept fishing, surrounded by rises. Then he hooked into another memorable trout of the trip😁.
 We had good spinner falls, followed by midge hatches.

On 30th at Armstrong's, we finally had a "normal" day. Air temp reached around 90F and above (it continues till this day) and PMD hatch started from around 10am and lasted till nearly 2pm.
Here's a Father-&-Son Double Hookup😉😉

We did enjoy unusual conditions but a nice summer day with big blue sky and clear view of mountains is equally good!!

What a glorious fishing we had🎊
Besides my clients, I have come to know "regulars" who come back to creeks repeatedly this time of year and I enjoy greeting and sharing words with them.

Hope to see you coming back next year😃


  1. Satoshi, I hope that the PMD's keep going strong. I've got a rod booked for Monday!

    1. You should be OK. If not much PMD, you can always expect rises on midges. Enjoy!