Monday, July 10, 2017

Salmonfly & YNP

Just like PMD at Livingston's spring creeks, salmonfly hatch on Madison was phenomenal this year. As of this typing, perhaps hatch is reaching way Upper Madison and almost over. But goldenstone, midnight stone, caddis, and misc mayfly hatches are following right behind over there. 

In between my guide trips, we were able to hit The Madison at right timing! Salmonfly was peaking at Lyons Bridge. 
A hefty rainbow violently took Renee's big dry-fly😬
But also these bugs are getting very important and indeed we got some good bites!
Oh so pretty😘
This one too😍
Yellowstone Park waters have gone through transition. West side, namely Firehole, Gibbon, (both below geysers), and Madison reached very warm water temperature for the season. We'll check back these later in September.

Beginner trip at a cold-running brookie stretch.

Then the home waters of these natives turned out just ready😎😏
They are ready to look up too😎😏
I had a series of pleasant and successful trips over here.
This skilled fisher kept hauling in good ones😲

A family trip was very enjoyable as well. This lady outfished menfolks🙆

Son was catching up!

Towards end, father emphasized his skill - after all he tied all the flies for his family.
 Good one on his own mayfly pattern from Japan (I figured the size-shape-silhouette match and will do the job😏)

However that wasn't the end.... As the dusk approached, he made the very last cast........ a light yet sure rise followed.........
Long enough but also see the shoulder😲

Season started to sizzle💥🔥 Come and experience yourself😛😎

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