Monday, March 18, 2013

Urgent & Quick Report! Hatch, Rise, Dry-Fly!!

I wasn't going to post a new one today but I guess I'm obliged to do. I bet everyone (gets tired of my trophy shots with eggs and other nymphs) wants to know "HATCH", "RISE", and "DRY-FLY" at DePuy's ( Today, I have finally observed constant Midge hatch and trout rising accordingly. Then I did fish with dry-fly. This situation was since last December, so the first time for this year. There might be someone who would claim otherwise but I've been at the creek average every 2.5 day and I don't define total 3 or 5 rises during the whole afternoon as "hatch + rise".

After peaceful "pseudo" spring days, last Sunday turned out to be very cold. Today..........even colder. But I HAD TO go fishing. It seemed I would be doing my routine and I did. I did catch more other trout before and after dry-fly time. For this post, let's focus on only the "dry" part. Just about 3PM, I started to see circles on the surface. One, two,........those were definitely trout rises. With my quick pocket seine and rise forms, I determined midges were hatching. I considered to run back to my truck quickly and grab my "dry-rig". Well, I was a bit far away. I decided to fix my "nymph-ring" as quick as I could. I tied on Goose Biot Midge!!

Very first cast!! He chased my fly downstream after it passed above him!! HAPPY!!

Routine "pump"!! So he was taking "pupa", "adult", and "cripple/emerger" (potentially). 

In a next few cast later!! Victory!!

I kept catching!! Almost every cast into rises or likely spots!! This was the last one!!

One more pump. Mostly midges.........
 Larger image.
 But also, notice ONE Blue-Winged-Olive Dun was found.

Well, air temperature went back to winter-like but spring has come to the creek. Of course more and more rainbows are coming into the creek from Yellowstone River. Then again, midge hatch is officially on now!! BWO hatch will follow soon.
So visit the creek with your own expectation ("wanna catch big river trout", "fish for rises", etc) and fish accordingly!!


  1. HI,
    Great job on your journal. I do not believe anyone is getting tired of the valuable information that you are giving. Please continue. Having your catch and the pumping results are fantastic!!! A+ on a job well done.
    Tight lines!!

    1. Thanks for kind words and thanks for following my blog!! Readers like you and comments like this keep me going.
      Tight lines to you too.