Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Salmonfly Actions on Yellowstone River Too!!

We are enjoying great water conditions for this time of the year. As I reported and probably almost all fly-shops and guides along Madison are reporting, Salmonfly hatch and fishing sound great. It can be envious for business standpoint but I don't get jealous in terms of fishing. Some may catch really huge trout but I'm sure traffic is busy!!!!........not for me. Besides, I have Salmonfly waters right around here!!

This morning, I hit Gardner River with dry-fly expectation in mind!! See this little feisty Cut-bow is "wearing" my Two-Mix Salmonfly!!

And today, it was indeed SPARROW day!! I trailed Sparrow under Two-Mix. I can't emphasize how effective Sparrow can be!! It just sinks naturally and undulate naturally. Trout came up, chased, and inhaled my Sparrow one after another!!

I  walked to one long-walk stretch of Yellowstone River in the afternoon. Nice native Cutty on Sparrow!! This marked the first Cutty caught this year within YNP!!
Another one!!
 Nice rainbow too on Sparrow!! (somehow pic got screwed up......).
Followings are my favorite Sparrow. DO check Jack Gartside website (www.jackgartside.com) for how to tie & fish and background story.

I had total 2 or 3 of these and I lost all by trout and tree. After that fishing slowed down, really!!

This is a simple orange body.

Body with peacock herls = "Evening Star"!!

And my own favorite "Brindle Sparrow"!!

Remember we usually have longer and later Salmonfly hatches on Yellowstone River than on other rivers around here. If you can't make it, we keep all actions to ourselves!!
See you later!.....maybe!

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