Thursday, December 11, 2014

Atlantic Salmon Flies - New Project

Just before I'm leaving for a Master Breeder project, I came up with a topic worth making a post. 

Here's The Major - George Mortimer Kelson. 
A bit of dramatic effect could conceal my mistakes!?
I have started to wonder what to do with these flies based on techniques & materials for display purposes. Since I started this subject last year, flies' destinations (framing, preserving, throwing-away, actual fishing?, etc.....) have been my curiosity, if not the responsibility.......
This season, I have to see significant improvements on my dressings. I really don't care if these will be sold or not. But I'm sure these will mean something as the very first chapter of my long-lasting pursuit of Atlantic Salmon Flies.  I have been having several framing ideas and options but I have just decided to work on this one till I'm satisfied!
It'll be a long story to explain what's this box is and how I acquired. But I have just decided flies to dress, intentions, and decorations. I don't know how long it takes to complete and I don't set the time on purpose, as Atlantic Salmon Flies are never-ending passion for me. Along the course, I will unfold my selections.  For now, I have just attached The Major above for one of three pages with the reason.

I may complete my objective till spring? Or may be not? I really don't care. It's too small to be a collection, so I'd call it Yamamoto Selection.

It's a bit too early to make New Year Resolution, and I don't meant to, but this project will keep me focused!!


  1. That's an awesome tie! The full box will be a treasure.

    1. Thanks for kind words. Let's see how it looks like when I'm done!