Monday, April 30, 2018

East Idaho Fly Tying Expo 2018

Can't believe it was over a week ago -------- good times came and went quickly..............
I have had another great times at East Idaho Fly Tying Expo. The 25th Anniversary event was a lot busier than usual with lots of superb tyers and eager audience. I really think organizers/committees of this event do great jobs to run and to keep it going year after year.

We headed to Idaho Falls via easy 3.5-hour drive from Livingston on Thursday. As we checked in our hotel and then the venue, we started to catch up with participating tyers.
In Thursday evening, I took a tying workshop with Steven Fernandez. Long story short........... I learned a lot................😏😲
This year wifey had her own booth for aquatic invasive species & fish-water conservation. Audience kept her really busy👏
 My cue😬 Tying demo table day 1❗
Just as I planned I started  working on an Atlantic salmon fly😏
 Catching up with my mentor over my winter works🙇
We were both busy😅
This time, I was able to visit tyers who were tying patterns/genres I'm not familiar with all the time. I want to try this type for my own gain and fun.
That was lots of 🐍🐛 😂

On Day 2, I first did a Destination Program. I talked about Livingston's spring creeks, covering various topics.
Then I immediately performed at Tying Theater - another salmon fly completed😬👏
As it has been, Day 2 Saturday was busier than ever. I worked on another & third salmon fly for this Expo. I had a few eager audience who sat with me for a few hours just to see one fly was completed. I really appreciated🙏
Then here's a Kate🙌👏

 The finale banquette was good and fun as always.
 Good food😋

As always we enjoyed Idaho Falls hospitality😗
I brought back some techniques and inspirations. Demonstrating to others is one thing then learning from others is equally important. To me this is all about what this kind of event is for😃😉
I want to try new techniques and patterns right now😬.......... but the fact is I have to tie and stock up flies for fishing & guiding for the upcoming season first😓

See you in Idaho Falls next year, if I don't see you on Montana streams this summer👋😉😎

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