Sunday, May 20, 2018

Trout Alternative

This spring feels cut short as April remained cold until middle of the month. At the end of the month, area rivers started to rise and colored up with annual runoffs (and in between, we were on the road, as I've reported). Mother's Day Caddis wasn't much talked along Yellowstone River. Perhaps some on Lower Madison. I wouldn't recommend to float Yellowstone River when it's transforming. Look for and fish the hatch from the bank, which are plenty. Lakes and ponds are great options, indeed their prime time, at this time of year (public or within private lands). If you are still craving for fishing on the streams, try, as always, Livingston's spring creeks and then look for dam-managed streams, which are none to very little effect of runoff.

I had a good tip from a good friend of mine😏and wifey 🤰 was willing to go, so we went fishing for something different from usual. I strongly believe trout is NOT the only species that can be caught with flies and fly-rods. Warm-water species in Montana DO offer us great actions, and most importantly they are fun to catch😁❗❗
Huge bass are active right now as they are just in and out of spawning phases😏
Renee did some of her best tricks and won a trophy🏆😲👏

We are "imprinting" the inside junior👶for his fishing sense. We are sure he's feeling and listening😁
 I didn't have good opportunities but finally I did it right
This was the very satisfying bluegill😎
 Actions went into later afternoon, until storms hit the area.

During East Idaho Fly Tying Expo the other day, I was able to visit some tyers who were demonstrating bass flies and pike flies. Whether I fish those species a lot or not, I can definitely use some techniques I learned.

I strongly encourage people to look for and fish for different species when opportunities arise. That will hone us to fish anytime and anywhere. Learning fly patterns for those species will definitely improve your trout flies too. Over all, it's super fun😄

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