Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cable Car Run & Soft Hackle Club??

There are not so many secret spots in Madison River even among visiting anglers like me. I think, among visiting anglers, it's whether you have once fished there or not or heard from someonce else. I myself pretty much get used to the wading section, above Lyons Bridge. I don't say I know every inch but I am getting familiar to it and most likely I can decode and do something.

But I have noticed there are a few "overlooked" spots. One is Pine Butte and the other is Cable Car Run in the Park section. In his book, Sylvester Nemes describes this section. First he mentions Barn's Pool #1 and 2 are ideal and productive waters for soft-hackles. Then he notes Cable Car Run just like as it is. This is "the" soft-hackle enthusists' mecca. It is tricky to fish from the near bank which is very high in your back and very fast and choppy that limits most of fishermen to wade in. I believe these two major reasons attract less people instead sending lots of people downstream for craziness (which helps me!!).

Here's a direction.
First you pull in Barn's Pool #1 parking area.
After you watch a deer calf wandering around in the opposite bank and get annoyed by over-crowding, walk upstream.

This is the "monument".

Just below here, I caught the fish of the year with a large soft-hackle (report here).

Above all, I have decided to found a soft-hackle club and the first meeting will be held at Cable Car Run Monument next year. It is called "Scientific Angling Team Of Soft Hackle Institution" (S.A.T.O.S.H.I.).
Object and pupose of this club are:
- Get shakey when finish tying nice soft-hackle flies with soft-hackle materials and catch nice trout with them, like Shakey Beeley (I mean him and the fly).
- We accept swinging streamers in our section but when we see someone catching whitefish with a bobber in our section, we will show our attitude.
For the schedule of the meeting and following events, please check at:
I will be sitting and waiting for you at cable Car Run Monument till I get sepia.

There are some fee and donation welcome when you want to join the club. All the funding will be used to enhance our soft-hackle fishing such as to get me a better SAGE rod so I can cast better and longer!!!

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