Friday, December 18, 2009

Gear Review 2010 (??)

I love and hate gear review articles in fly-fishing magazines most likely in the first issue for the year. Every time, right after we consumers get a new gear or two with our best allowance, they advertize the newer models. Maybe a 0.10oz lighter rod or a stronger life-long reel right after the previous life-long reel. Like cars, rods, reels, and lines last long as long as we take care of them. And fancy and new gears won't help you cast longer or catch bigger trout. I pretty much see (not read) these articles as collecters' items. But then again, I apprecate the beauty and art intended by designers for sure. Sometimes, some brands try to produce affordable new gears too.
Anyway, here's my own review for my own acquistions that will be used for 2010. Nothing serious. All in Christmas present level with Christmas sales price!!
My hiking shoes was getting worn out. While tires of my truck were fixed at a local Les Schwab, I picked up a local newpaper ad of outdoor shop. Coleman pair was 50% of regular price, so I jumped in! This is very comfortable.

From one of my favorite fly-fishing authors, Jason Borger, I purchased his own Yamame drawing t-shirt. His drawing is so vivid and cool so I had to get two! Yamame, Japanese native trout (roughly translated as Mountain Woman because its skin is the silkiest among trout family) hits the soft spot in me. This t-shirt will be a lucky item while fishing.

Then I got a bit technical stuff here. I purchased a Micro Practice Rod. It's packed in this small tube (pardon some mess on my bench).

It's a 4-feet rod with a fluffy ribbon line. As advertized and as experts say, this kit really represent the actual fly casting gear. I bought this to improve my casting and then train my off-hand when the situation calls it. My off-hand (right because I am lefty) is often used in cows. I know I am doing something technical so I believe I can get a hang of it!!
Besides, I can't practice casting without fishing in my backyard or nearby waters as much as I'd like to do due to the limited space, that the Lower Yakima River is very bushy at the banks, and that I have to clean the dirt from my rod and line after 30-minute in practice. So this kit will fit for what I want to do. It seems I can wash and clean up the ribbon quickly when it seems dirty.

This is the book I am reading, purchased from Amazon. It's entirely dedicated to midges. Two authors colaborated with lots of other famous anglers. It is quite an effort.

First reading, second choosing flies I want to tie, third looking for materials to see if I already have or have to buy, and fourth finally I can get tying on my bench..............

I am having a positive feeling that Micro Practice Rod and tying midge patterns will keep me busy all winter without spoiling myself with boredom till next spring.


  1. I enjoyed reading your posts, & especially the beautifully tied flies. Thanks

  2. Thank you for your nice comment on my flies and pics. I always do my best for my soft-hackles. Now I am tying several midge patterns from the book above. #20-22. Hopefully I can take some close-up pictures for these tiny flies. And then some trout on them!!