Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I am in the middle of mindset. Winter has set in eastern Washington. I am enjoying a slow season but also feeling that I am getting bored. To me, it's a transitional period for next season. I have purchased several books, CDs, DVDs, and fly tying materials to keep me entertained.

Well, here in Lower Yakima Velley, we had the first snow for this coming winter last Saturday 12th. Probably 8mm or so. Before more snow and ice come, I started my F-150 for the first time since I come back from my last trip to Yellowstone. 37 days exact. Last winter (this February or so), when I tried to start my F-150 after a few months of sitting, battery seemed totally gone and I had to jump and feed from my work car for over 30 minutes. So this winter, I am thinking to start and make sure once a month or so.

Last Saturday, I ran the engine for 30 minutes and drove to Prosser Hill. It was remodeled and paved so I wanted to see. Uhhhhh, quite a snow!!

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