Saturday, February 6, 2010

Winter Pastime Flies

January was really crazy for me mostly about the job. Now in February things seems to get settled as supposed to be. As in my last two posts, I could get out for some fishing and I have just found there are some more fun around here. Yet I still have a bit more slow and relaxing time. I'm waiting for a Regal vise to come any moment!

Meanwhile, I am reading lots of books and spending some relaxing time at my bench. Some serious tyings but also I think now is time to express some imagination!!

Valentine's Day is coming. A happy flower fly to you somewhere!!

Then I have just tied a gigantic Chernobyl Ant!!!

Actually it was tied with a safety pin just to play with......

It is simply fun to sit at my tying bench and mess with some materials every now and then. I have just placed the Chernobyl Ant onto my backpack so even other kinds of insects/bugs/terrestrials would get disgusted when they try to sneak behind me!!

Also hoping it might even protect me from buffaloes, bears, and misc in Yellowstone country.


  1. Nice ties! I tie on paper clips sometimes, not to decorate my pack although I like the idea, but they make great casting dummies even on grass!

  2. That's a great idea. When I needed imitations, I have tied on cheap Mustad hooks then de-hooked them with a pair of plier. But nowadays I pretty much go with my Micro Practice Rod with velcro as in my previous post.