Sunday, February 21, 2010

Regal Vise

I've been tying my own flies and catching trout. Sometimes they look crappy and inferior because of my skills or materials I choose, but still catching trout. In terms of fishing-results, it's OK then. But I've never comromised my tying, instead always trying to improve with my best.

The most important and expensive tying tool is the vise. It can be a life-time tool. One can buy whatever one wants but I think some tools demand respect and skills to handle. To me, it has been a Regal Vise.

Past two years, I've been with this HMH SX vise. It's definitely above an introductory level. It's tough and holds various hook sizes. Also it can be packed for the trip along with materials. As time went by, and as my tying skills and requirement went up, I started to demand more. Due to my extreme tying, the tip was slightly chipped. That seemed to be a problem, especially to hold smaller hooks, sizes 20 and 22.

It isn't totally retired yet instead packed in my travel tying bag along with misc materials. Now, I have less stuffs to pack before trips!!

So I finally obtained a Regal vise. My tying skills and demands are finally qualified to go with it. Besides expense, I had to learn to convert it for left-handed tying. It was simple.

This is what they call "bull-dog jaw" with a Medallion logo.

And then the bronze pocket pedestrial. This is super handy. This keeps hooks, beads, flies, and everything neatly in front of me. Furthermore, the construction and proportion of whole vise keep the tying mess and garbage away from these pockets.

The first fly I tied is my own Coyote. I actually felt I could tie better and more confidentially with the Regal vise.

A shot from the top.

The vise is really heavy to sit on my bench. Its dignity makes it heavier. I am feeling that I am some sort of resposible to tie good flies.

As of now, I am pinning the hook placement instruction on my wall. But I'm getting very comfortable with it.

I hope I can go to the grave with it, really!!


  1. looks like a great vise... should bring you some fish!! congratulations!!! yea that hook placement is important for making the jaws last longer,,,

  2. The Pocket base is one of a kind, very handy. I originally wanted to buy a black alminum ped, which is cheaper and lighter, but it was out of stock. This bronze ped is heavier and sitting just right at my bench. It's not too shiny either. Besides its beauty to our eyes, it's really a great buy and I feel I am responsible to tie good flies and lots of them!