Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yakima River - Day 2

I went fishing to Yakima yesterday, 9th Tuesday. I originally planned to go on Wednesday 10th, but the weather forecast called for snow/rain. It was not actually that bad as I am typing this. But for sure today, 10th, was colder than Tuesday. So I made a right decision.

Since I've already got some information at Worley Bugger last week, I started fishing at Umtanum access. I did read waters well. At least well enough to walk and fish upstream without falling in. I hooked a 12-incher with an olive Bridle Stone. It didn't come to my net or camera.....

I drove up to the town of Ellensburg and dropped by Worley Bugger for some tying materials and information and for a lunch..... BTW, Pappy's Smoking BBQ is one of the best drive-thru I ever visited.......
I could go back to the section above Ellensburg as I did last week but I wanted to try several spots that I observed as I drove to the town. Mile Marker 20 to 22 looks very fishy to me along with great accesses. This is about a 1/4 mile above MM 20.

In the afternoon I fished upstream from here for about a half mile. No actions at all though the water looked very fishy. I was about to give up and walked back here where my truck was parked. Yet it was so fishy, I did one more try with a black/coffee rubber-leg.

I first thought it would be a whitefish if not a brown because the fish went deep rather than running. As I reeled in this 16-inch fat rainbow came in.

She was really heavy for its size, maybe for spawning. I understood why it went deep rather than running!! i hope I didn't stress her much for reproduction......

First thing in the morning before I start fishing, I observed a big bird. He (or she) was standing almost like a statue. I could tell it must be a species along the riparian area but not for sure its name. Would anyone please let me know?

Though I am catching a few trout a day, I seem to get some touches of this river. What I heard and read is that Yakima holds 600 - 800 trout per mile while some famous rivers in Montana, like Madison, hold 2000 - 3000 per mile. So at this point, every trout that came to my view and camera are worth. And fortunately, I have not seen any whitefish!!!!!

I will take advantages of winter time in Yakima in terms of low flow and less crowds. And hoping for 18 to 24" individuals that will pull my reel to the backing!!

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