Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bunyan Bug - Attempt

Probably this would be the last post before my trip to Yellowstone. I will hit the road some time at night of 20th, Sunday. I work this weekend and start to pack stuff to my restored F-150.

All the flies I needed and wanted to try were tied. As mentioned in previous two posts, I just wanted to try to see if I can come close to Bunyan Bug. I came up with two websites with full of information; (can't be more authentic than this website.) (this is the site I learned the foam Bunyan Bug).

Reminisce of Bunyan Bug from "A River Runs Through It".

There was no way I can access to the horse mane. I substituted with a tuft of EP fiber and I might as well used a tuft of black EP fiber as an egg-suck. This was the first step and easy work.

Then I went to the art/craft store and found a supply of cork. I started to cut, trim, and carve. Close looking?

Then I carved one slit for hook shank and short one for wings. This was a delicate work so I didn't break the whole cork.

Then I applied "zap-a-gap" to hold the cork on hook then I filled the slit with epoxy. The cork should not come off so easily after all day casting or even when I get hooked into big fish.......

Final procedure, painting. I was nervous because this could dump the whole procedure and my effort. I went back to the art/craft store and embarrassingly I had to explain to the staff about the paint I'm looking for, "waterproof for fly-tying". I also bought several paint-sticks, thinner to wash them, and sand-paper for final touch of cork bodies.

After a couple of nights of painting, drying, and gasping for fresh air out of my door, I finally came up with my best and closest tie of Bunyan Bug. Wings were trimmed as they were supposed to look like in the book and websites after the painting. This is with an orange belly, as meant to be a salmonfly. At least as the book says, it came up "flashy" and "shellacked".

This one is with a yellow belly as meant to be a goldenstone.

I tied only three of these and the whole procedure took me over several days!!!! No wonder, they sell it $16 a piece. You can find it if you follow the website.

To me this San Juan Worm with Bead is technical enough....... And I'd rather tie several dozens of regular San Juan Worm in an hour.........I hope you get my joke.....LOL

I will have no internet connection till I get home around 4th of July.
Besides, popular waters in Yellowstone (Madison & Firehole), I intend to hike into some of under-rated waters. I'd like to encounter some big trout but hopefully not with aggressive griz, buffalo, elk, moose just to name a few.................
I hope I can come home and update more pictures and stories. Please cross your fingers for me.


  1. Nice post on the Bunyan Bug! I actually have two from my Grand Father's collection of flies that I've framed and mounted. The labor was intensive with this pattern and back in the day when flies sold for 12 cents a piece, the seventy cents price tag kept most anglers from fishing the bug. Also your foam rendition looks good and should fish well! Hope your trip to Yellowstone goes well!

  2. Thank you for sharing another story with me. If you follow the "Saga of Bunyan Bug" site, they say it's currently sold with $16 a piece with 2-3 week prep....
    I hope Madison will shapes up well, big bugs would emerge, and trout would look up...