Monday, June 14, 2010

Piece of Foam

To tie a foam Bunyan Bug below, I was looking for a piece of orange foam in shops in my area. Unfortunately, they didn't have any. I thought "I have to look for in shops in Montana. I couldn't tie salmonfly imitation before I get there..........."

Somehow I dropped by an art/craft store in the same mall where an outdoors store is. (I had another reason that I dropped by this store which I will post next in a few days.) I was just thinking there might be something useful. Looking around things, my jaw was about to fall from the surprise and then I was about to scream for excitement. I did find closed-cell foams in various colors that were nothing different from those at fly-shops.

Here are two things I have to discuss; price and size. Large orange and black foams are from the art shop with stunningly 99-cent!!!!!! Then those in a little plastic bag are from the fly-shops with the same price or sometimes even higher!!

Here's the description of the foam. 12" x 18", I even didn't do the math for comparison. And I think I am a bit older than 4-year-old.........

Now we see how fly-shops make money!! Oh well, we all know fly-fisher and fly-tyer are usually talking about several dollars such as shipping & handling and sales tax charged by states where we live or shops locate.

I myself buy gears that cost over "a few bills" from shops in either Oregon or Montana. Shipping fee is fair to none and no sales tax while if I buy the same gears in same price around here in WA, I am charged around 8% tax. Sometimes sales tax over the shipping!!!

West Yellowstone charges 3% sales tax, though it's in Montana, as "tourist-town-tax", something like that. I don't always like it but I kind of understand and don't mind leaving little a bit of my money because the town is totally empty from the fall, through winter, to early spring. I want its business to thrive in order to keep the town as one of the best fishing destinations in the world........

This is probably one of a few reasoning that my tax might be spent in a right way, maybe...........

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