Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sparrow - Tribute to THE Soft-Hackle Master

I think, as in many other hobbies, there are gurus and followers in a fly-fishing community. I have several famous fly-anglers and tyers that I follow and learn from. Some I have met in person, other through media (website, emails, books, videos). One of the latter is the late Mr. Jack Gartside. I came up with his website when I was "googling" for Soft-hackle streamer.

Then I found he was highly respected among fly-fishers as who really "fished for living". As seen in his website, his creation was not limited only to soft-hackles but probably his most famous pattern is Sparrow. And I am a soft-hackle addict. Then I heard that he passed away last year and lots of people left condolences on his website.
I don't know him in person but I believe his legacy should be continued. I'd like to post my best ties of Sparrow as a tribute from a soft-hackle addict who admires his patterns.
Please drop by his Sparrow site so I don't have to explain what this fly is. But to me, especially now as I am heading to Yellowstone area late in June, Sparrow should represent stoneflies, tied in various colors and fished in different methods and depths. It can be drowned adults, emerging/struggling nymphs, and washed-away nymphs. Besides that, it can be a streamer when stripped.
I meant this one to be a golden stonefly.

Tied in orange for a salmonfly.

Tied with peacock herls that Mr. Jack called "Evening Star" to imitate a dark stonefly nymph.

Tied in pink, my interpretation is this would be a baby rainbow as Mr. Jack said Rainbows like this...... I might as well have used pheasant ramp and aftershaft dyed in red.

Being lazier and more convenient than dubbing a body, I tied with variegated chenille. Variegated chenille are extremely effective when used on stonefly nymphs and bugger patterns. Now this fly, I believe, is truly a cross-dresser that is very fishy and represent any kinds of trout foods.

Golden stonefly nymph? Yellow/brown bugger? Who knows? I have to ask trout in Yellowstone waters.

I have tied Sparrow with my best so what I will do next is to fish with my best. I am sure Sparrow brings me lots of trout.

Though I have summer fishing waiting right in front of me, I can't wait till swinging these big soft-hackles in Madison River in the fall...............probably as Mr. Jack did "back in days".........

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