Monday, August 30, 2010

Materials Not From Fly-shops

Is Michael's a nation-wide art- &-craft store chain?

In my area, Michael's is in a relatively large mall along with an outdoors/sports store. The outdoors/sports store is OK and so-so for fly tying materials, gears, and tools every now and then but once in a while Michael's surprises me. Here are two of my old posts about flies and materials that I got from Michael's; Piece of Foam and Bunyan Bug.

Today, I went to Michael's, looking for a couple of specific materials. I actually had some fun looking around. Then I found probably a life supply of beads and thin wire to go with.

What am I gonna do with them? These will make articulated flies.

I can't emphasize that these materials are sold way much more at fly-shops.

25 beads might be $3 at fly-shops, which some have and others don't. And I have to drive around. Now I've got a 3-oz supply with only $7.

I am tying lots of articulated streamers and fishing with them.
For each pattern, I will post as time goes by along with fishing results here in eastern WA and Yellowstone in the fall.

I actually go fishing tomorrow.

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