Wednesday, January 5, 2011

So Slick!!

Happy New Year!!
Here in Livingston, we are experiencing cold temperature, snow, and not to mention winds. Not as bad as Thanksgiving Day though. Though spring creeks are available to fish all the time, probably my first day out fishing would be a bit later this year. I have completed several dozens of tying order for a fly-shop in town (yes only one.....C'mon American shops, why you depend on Pakistan or Sri Lankan flies when a handy guy lives right here!!) and my friend Chris contributed me cash by buying up lots of my flies (Thanks, Chris!!) so I am back to my bench to fill my boxes again. I noticed my scissors was getting dull and needed to replace it. I think I can say typical pairs of scissors, $13 - 15 range, last for about a year for my amount of tying. Of course I was looking the similar kind. But at this time of the year, fly-shops seem to carry less items as they just clean up their inventories of the previous year. I didn't see any typical/average pairs of scissors. But then again, not due to that, I was somehow attracted to the one of which price was double!! It was a Razor Scissors from Dr. Slick in Belgrade, MT. It cost as much as my weekly grocery bill...... Anyway it is indeed razor-sharp. In case you haven't seen this, one can adjust the tension by the dial (or nut) in the middle. I have tied up several of my favorite large soft-hackles.

I came to be attached to this scissors immediately. I started to pay some respect to this inorganic and lifeless product. I also felt some responsibility to be qualified to use the best of it as I do to my Regal vise, that I go to the grave with.

Hopefully I can get out soon and do the first fishing for 2011. But I don't mind idling in my house by reading books and tying flies some more.

Probably I'd better clean and dress my lines first. As I moved to Montana and fished its clean waters since last October, I haven't been washing or dressing my lines since......

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