Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Prescription: Book Reading & Fly Tying

I have been with myopia since a lower teen. Mostly because I studied very hard!! and then too much Nintendo, I guess....... Anyway I have to wear contact lenses when I go outside and this prevents me for serious backpacking and camping and fly-fishing to mountains. I have to be within the vicinity of my truck in which I stock water to wash my hands before I take off my contact lenses. But then again, though I would enjoy solitude and quiet camp night, I am not much interested in 3-inch Brookie in high mountain lakes or Golden Trout secluded somewhere in Sierra.

I just dropped by an eye care clinic here in Livingston and got a new prescription. And I found it's been really funny. Since I started to tie flies and read lots of books for the last several years, my eyes need less correction every year, i.e., slightly improved so to speak. I think it's really funny because as I concentrate and focus for each fly I tie, I notice myself I am getting pickier as I tie more and more, which sounds like more strains on my eyes. Probably just spending on computers is not bad either as long as I'm not typing for my Masters' thesis or anything serious. This does not make me out of the list of potential LAZIK candidates though......

Indeed right after I got a new pair of contact lenses as a trial, they fit very well. Instead my old glass started to hurt my eyes. Just yesterday, I received a pair of glasses based on the new prescription. It's far lighter and righter for my eyes!!

I might even get a pair of FITOVERS for this new pair of glasses if I really plan to make backpacking camps over a few nights somewhere in Montana wilderness.

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