Saturday, January 22, 2011

Winter Days Continue

Winter days go on.............. After the brief warm spell, it snowed some. Not really cold or dangerous or I don't feel bored staying inside as I have several things to do. But as for fishing I have to feel stuck and patient. Yellowstone River in the area seems frozen oftentimes. Gallatin and Lower Madison are mixed results, I hear. It just doesn't sound worth for me to drive all the way as I made sure my body and fishing sense are in shape last week at least. Not really desperate to catch the first fish for the year either. It will come soon as February is just around the corner.

Last year this time, I recall I practiced MPR (Micro Practice Rod) a lot in the backyard where I lived in eastern WA. Now in Livingston, I don't have a backyard but I have enough space outside to use MPR, but too windy to stand....... I have some space inside so I kind of cast just to scratch my itches. I caught imaginary Cutty while dreaming its rise on a hot summer day....
Remember my Velcro devise?

I have found a cozy & friendly used book store in Bozeman (you know used book stores are oftentimes friendly but they are not cozy and neat all the time......). These three are today's loot. They should keep me busy and might help me be smarter. Oh, but don't forget catalogues for 2011 from shops!!

As for fly tying, I haven't been sitting at my bench for a while now. I think I tied enough just for my own (myself and guiding days). But considering kind & positive reviews from people whom I gave away or sold my flies, I am thinking to start a sales blog soon. I have to make sure that nobody is going to sue me when I tie and sell somebody's patterns.

Let me make some calls and emails and figure them out..............

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