Sunday, April 17, 2011

Simms Ice Out: Day 1 - Guide Society Debut

It was quite an event for a freshman guide. There are lots of great people and good food all three days. Event kicked off at Simms factory in Bozeman. This is the first time for me to visit. I already felt good atmosphere and high expectation from the beginning and they lasted all three days. The first agenda was a factory tour. I really wanted to see how our waders are made. The moment I stepped in, I lost my words but just "WOW!!". Workers were beyond busy. Never did I imagine there were this many procedures and steps to complete just one pair of wader. Each worker does his/her own routine through the shift with amazing concentration and accuracy. Followings are only a few steps. Cutting Gore-Tex sheet into parts. Depending on the model, one wader are made from 8 to 12 parts. Sewing.
Reinforcing seams by a special machine.

Bootie job....
All hand made. The last procedure consists "several steps" of inspection and finally after that, it's packed like this.

Simms waders are really about quality. In my opinion, it's nothing different from beef quality such as source and age verification for best quality and consumer satisfaction. Simms wader and other products are really worth the money, period. I'm so glad to be involved in their "Pro Guide Program".


After the tour, we had a gorgeous lunch. And then socializing time with Montana beer started.

We moved to a nearby fly-shop, The Rivers Edge, and had some more fun. Guides all over.

There was one more attraction at the theater in downtown but I left for some reason.
It was an awesome meeting from the beginning. I have visited Animal Science and Cattleman's meetings numerous times but I recall I felt I was left alone every now and then. Those were all good meetings with good people and it might have been just my problem. But it was hard for me to be around when some scientists debate statistics or researches over bottles of beer. Cattleman's meeting are typically much easier going but I'm just a breeder. I am not a blood-line geek.........

BUT!! all through this event, I never felt alone. There were lots of fishy conversation anywhere. All we talked was: fish, flies, waters, hatches, gears etc. Great thing about whoever I talked with was there was pretty much NO bragging (about how big the fish was, how good he is, etc) as we are guides. I think we all understand each one of us lives and guides different water with different species and has his/her own expertise.


  1. Those simms tour pictures were really interesting! Looks like you are loving life! I followed your flies blog and now following this. Keep up the good work

  2. Simms event was quite a fun. All the guides who participated are already looking forward the next year.