Thursday, April 14, 2011

Guide License

It is official now. I got a state certified guide license. Right now I am more like relieved rather than P.A.R.T.Y. = party!! I filled and sent the application on 4th. And for what I heard, the process usually takes 10 days (not sure 10 days from when the Board gets it or 10 business days). For whatever the reason, "what if I get rejected?" My worry ended up nothing. My endorsing outfitter told me he got it on 12th. That's only 8 days. Wherever I go in this country, I've been the one & only Japanese cowboy and cattle breeder. Now I added myself another title. THE FIRST EVER and one & only Japanese fly-fishing guide in Bozeman/Livingston. I hear several Japanese anglers tried to hang around in this area but they never made it for whatever their reasons were. I will be guiding Stuart Dominick's Renegade Outfitters and Sweetwater Flyshop, both of which have some strong connections to Japanese fly-fishers. Here's the boat tag.
And yes, I am happily registered at Simms "Pro Guide Program".

From today till Saturday, Simms is running a "GUIDES ONLY" event. I could sign up in the last minute. Today was already great and we have two more days. I will post about the event later on.


  1. Congratulations, Satoshi! I hope that things take off for you, and perhaps I'll see on the water this summer (and say "hi" to the Simms crew for me).

  2. Jason,
    Thank you very much for kind words. I hope I will be busy in the summer. Are you planning a summer visit? Oh yes there are tons of free give-aways (& good foods). And I'm showing my flies for the contest. I will find out tomorrow.