Sunday, April 17, 2011

Simms Ice Out: Day 3 - Grand Finale

Third day was a bit quiet, I thought. I assumed lots of guides spent too much on SUPERSALE and booze. In the morning, we had a panel discussion about marketing our business. Hint: in this era, one cannot ignore online social networking. I think I'm on a right track. Some guides were arguing how detailed the fishing report should be. They say once they informed their hot flies or exact spots, lots of people got there, as a result they lost their spots for their clients, something like that. It was a bit non-sense to me. It maybe because of where I fish and guide. There are too many sections to cover in one day along Madison, Yellowstone, Gallatin, & other Rivers around here. Spring creeks can be high-pressured at times yet there's a limit of anglers per day.

Product overview about Simms products were very persuasive as I did a factory tour. They really work hard and stand behind each product.

I was away from the venue after lunch. This was because first I ate too much on pasta buffet, second afternoon programs seemed slow, and third I did some errands in Bozeman and took a nap in my truck. In the evening, we moved to The Ellen Theater in downtown Bozeman for the final program and awards. The last program of the event was called "Shoot Out". It was about which group can shoot the best video that represents Montana fishing during Ice Out = only 2.5 days. Also awards were given to champions at Guide Olympic.

Then, I'd like to announce my own Coyote (full name: Coyoted Pheasant Soft Hackle) won the first place in the tying competition held at the Montana Fly Company booth during the event.
Some of you who got my card may be familiar with this shot.

I made it fun to tie and beautiful for our eyes. Of course catching trout is the most important task. It became one of my best and most favorite flies to swing at Madison in the Park when trout run up from Hebgen Lake in the fall. But also Coyote has no bound or limit about how to fish. It can represent some sort of attractor, minnow, smolt, drowned stonefly, some sort of nymphs, etc.

And like this. This is why I always wear an orange scarf as my lucky color.

I actually didn't tie any at MFC booth as they didn't have exactly what I needed for my originals (yes, I have a few more other than Coyote). Instead, I submitted tying instructions that include all the stories, materials, tying instructions, and proof pics along with flies from my inventory. I had completed tying instructions for all of my originals long time ago and been waiting for the opportunity.......

This is why I left early after a little gathering at Rivers Edge on the first day. I assorted my flies to give to MFC people and printed out tying instruction at that night and that's why I was somehow exhausted on the second day. Here finally Opportunity Knocks!!

I was awarded with some benefit at MFC. 10 dozens flies for free, which I can sell to my clients as from my inventory. $150 allowance for MFC products will get me lots of fly tying materials and tools to expand my tying world. Best award to me is that my Coyote and a few other originals will be featured in MFC 2012 catalogue along with my bio as a "Fly Designer". MFC also gave me a reel as a top prize. Here's my grip-&-grin of my own Gold Medal.

It's one of MFC River Camo Products.

Coincidentally, what MFC gave me was named "MADISON" in "Rainbow" version.

I was called for the stage of theater. My name and Coyote were on the screen. Too bad that I forgot to ask people around my seat to take pictures with my camera while on the stage.

All through the event, I met and spoke with lots of good people. Then it meant too much as I got some publicity and attention by my flies in my first year in this industry.

If you look for Simms at Facebook, you can see a pic of me handling chop-sticks well to eat noodles!!

Next year, I will compete at Guide Olympics. I kept quiet this time as I was focusing on my flies. Especially at the casting competition, I'd really like to show how "lefty angler" can do differently from "righty".

I'd really like to see you all somewhere along Montana rivers soon if not at the next year Ice Out!!!!

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