Thursday, May 5, 2011

DIY Float & Shuttle

After I floated with Stuart and Robert last Saturday, I just felt that I want to know more about Yellowstone and get used to my boat. To achieve both at the same time efficiently, I need a shuttle. Friends and fellow anglers are the best source to make it happen but everyone is busy except for me.........
When I woke up Sunday morning, somehow I recalled a scene that a dairy farmer in WA state was riding his bicycle between his farm and hay field during hay season. Apparently he must have had to make shuttle among his truck, tractors, and other equipments. That was it!! I got my own idea for self float and shuttle by using a bicycle.
I figured it would be doable for 3- to 5-mile section. I first drop my bicycle at where I pull over my boat. Then I drive up-stream where I launch my boat and leave my truck there. I'd float and pull over my boat and secure it. Now I'd grab my bicycle and ride up-stream to my truck. Then come back to my boat and pick it up.

It really worked well without any wreck. I felt I got to the point to develop my own shuttle business during this coming summer when I'm not guiding!! This is how I chain my bicycle at where I pull out my boat.

I got really comfortable with my boat and mighty Yellowstone. Do I look like Captain Yamamoto?

I saw herds of pelicans along both Madison and Yellowstone.

This nontraditional oar's shape is really good. With some nicks and abuses, I really got a feeling of my new gears.

Point of Rocks.

Today I launched at a launch locally known as "26". It is indeed steep. But I got some tips how to handle here, and it wasn't as bad as it looks.

Then I conquered "Rock Garden".

Today was the typical Livingston weather; strong winds from SW. But I made it OK .

During 4 days, I put 20 miles on my boat and bicycle. It was quite a practice and exercise. All 4 days, I had to pedal my bicycle against winds.

It looks like a touch of run-off is hitting Yellowstone. Then we are still expecting Mother's Day Caddis hatch. I will be soon on the road for breeding cows. I keep my eyes on your run-off reports!!

I might run this operation in the fall. If you see a guy with a backpack (stuffed with wader and boots) and an orange scarf around his neck on the bicycle along Madison or Yellowstone, please kindly give me a lift!!

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