Sunday, May 15, 2011

On the Road

My "breeding" road has passed over a week now. So far so good. I enjoy my other profession too. I may have to change my blog as "lefty breeder" (left-handed people tend to use their right arms into cows). I try to wash my hands when I shake hands with you!

After a job in Billings, I headed to South Dakota through Wyoming. I wonder why interstates in Wyoming are in brick color every here and there.

Typical "road food" (if not the junk) on the go.....

I am given lots of jobs in South Dakota. Today I am having a little slack time. I have just made a quick trip and come back and am writing this. Western South Dakota is a nice cow country.

Where I'm staying is a town called Bella Fourche. I've heard there's a "geographical center of US" nearby. My understanding for definition of this is the point where the US map balances(Alaska + Hawaii + Lower 48). I drove along the dirt road above and found a friendly sign. I first didn't really see anything special. Then I noticed there was a slack between bob-wires, enough space for one to crawl in and a foot path.

I found a pole in advance. Information that I had forehand said there would be a noticeable red flag. Apparently it's not any more.

I made it to the center of nation!!

As it was middle of nowhere and nobody around, I took a liberty of taking a nap along the monument. Am I disturbing the mark and supposed to be fined or imprisoned as seen above?

These girls were too fast to catch up for breeding.........

Right now I'm adjusting my body for climate and my mental/routine for jobs here in South Dakota. Again, so far so good.
Job first, then there will be more places to visit!!

(rivers/creeks are muddy with run-offs and I didn't bring any fishing gear.)


  1. I've heard of being knee deep into things but elbow deep I think better describes it. Holy Cow!

  2. Hi Link,
    I'm kept pretty busy in SD. Much more "elbow deep" experience too!! Keep me updated run-off & fishing report.