Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's Official!! 'Stone is ON!!

Hi everyone,
I seem to be the first guide (maybe one of a few) in the area who is reporting dry-fly actions along Yellowstone River. Yes, it's on!! Yellowstone Cutties are eager to come on surface!! Glad to see that they have survived the high water and stayed in great shape, and probably been waiting for our flies!! Cliche is only if you know the spot.........(Hire me!!)

"Was that just one lucky dog? How many did you catch?" you would ask. Well, my fresh Royal Wulff Cripple that I tied last night was chewed off.

I again dropped by "26". This is really a good place to measure (or guesstimate) the water level with our eyes. It did significantly drop,

compared to this picture taken on June 29th.

I'll go and row soon!! See you along the river!!


  1. Great looking fish and water levels. Glad to hear they survived and are looking active. Tight Lines.

  2. You see I enjoyed Westslope in the western MT, came home, and now I can play with Yellowstone Cutty! They are really in good shape. More fishing tomorrow!