Sunday, July 10, 2011

First Guiding Day Reminiscence

As I wrote the other day, I lost my camera on my first guiding day. My clients made home safe after their visit to Yellowstone Park and emailed me wonderful pictures. All the photos are courtesy of Otsu couple.

OK, here's the review of the day. I didn't post here but I did go fishing on 3rd (you can find two pictures in my Facebook). Not many crowds of people for weekend and I caught nice trout besides observing river and spots. So for the 5th, I didn't see any problem to get my clients into fish as long as I could convey my thoughts and techniques to my clients.
Things didn't go that way......when we pulled into Raynolds Pass, there were lots of anglers (with or without guides). Why on a weekday and not on the 4th weekend? I am making out of this as the reason for slow fishing but I just needed some elbow-room and quiet environment for my first day guiding. Due to high water below Lyons Bridge, what all guides do recently is to launch their boats from Raynolds, then stop at each spot, and fish till Lyons. Most of likely wade-spots were taken or pounded ahead of us.......

At both Raynolds and $3, nothing happened on nymphs.......Now I'm "not fishing" but "guiding", you will never know until you are in this position.

My lunch was favored and we were revitalized at least. I changed the section and tactics. This is the slightly overlooked wade-spot. Or not everybody knows how to fish there effectively. Finally our effort and patience are rewarded. Typical Madison rainbow came on my own TSUNAMI Bugger (no photo yet)!!

He was very pleased with Madison's native rainbow's fight and wild condition!!

Ladies & gentlemen, this is the landmark of Montana fly-fishing history that first ever Japanese guide is guiding Japanese clients along the bank of Madison.

I think I lost my camera somewhere along this process.......

We started to move couple more fish.

Later on, we saw another flash!! Kazutaka is on fight again!!

Bigger than average Madison rainbow!!

Pine Butte was also occupied in late afternoon (unbelievable....) so we drove back to $3 Bridge. I encouraged my clients that we catch brown trout. I guided three pockets in a row with nymphs. Weird but nothing on nymphs all day. So I showed Kazutaka deep water bottom dredging streamer technique. Within several casts, he got a huge tug!!

After several tug-of-wars, we won!!

It was a fine brown trout, as I promised, in a runoff color.

Kazutaka has fished many other places in the world but he was truly amazed by Madison and her wild trout.

There's not compliment, it was really good size and gave some weight on our hands.

I went through my first day.

I first thank Kazutaka & Miyuki for being patient under tough fishing condition. Then I thank Madison God for giving me both sweet and bitter tastes.

Then I felt I "worked" not "fished".

From now on I might face more tough fishing days or other kinds of troubles but when I saw my clients' pure happiness in their expression, I felt rewarded and saw some silver-lining for my future!!
Thank you all who wished good luck for me!!


  1. Yes the pictures tell it all. The clients look as happy as can be. Congrats on being the first Japanese guide to guide Japanese clients for the first time in history. Great pics and beautiful wild fish. Tight Lines.

  2. It was a tough day. But I was rewarded by my clients' smile and pure happiness. I hope there will be more Japanese anglers who want to fish big rivers like Madison and Yellowstone!!

  3. Omedetougozaimasu on your new venture! Gambatte, ne?