Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Guide Gears

I'm getting ready for guiding and fishing myself for the season. With some funding made by cows, I did some shopping for gears.
First, I got a good deal from Costa Del Mar from Florida. As with Simms "Pro Program", I am supposed to promote Costa's products as a guide and I'm happy to do!! What I got is Hammerhead in copper lenses and silver teak frame. This is so comfy for my face and eyes. I even forget to take it off when I step into my house!! Not to mention, I can see waters much better. This is truly a guide gear.

Next, I got a Super Days Worth from Cliff Outdoors. To me, this is the dream box!! Here's a quote from CO.
"Midges, Meat and Mayflies all in one box! Like all of our boxes, this great box isn't made in B.F. Egypt by people who don't fish. No! It's made in Wyoming by angler for angler".

I just assembled flies for my upcoming guide trip. You could guess what I am planning and even what's going on along Montana rivers by these flies.

There's another storage underneath!! The bottom is the magnet board so flies are not blown away by winds!! At this point, I'm setting dry-flies in the lower compartment........

Then I decided to get a rod holding device. There's a long story till I decided to get this one. Mostly about my camper shell and camper shell shops in Bozeman, and of course the cost. This was supposed to be attached one on the hood and the other on the roof. BUT!! the hood of my F-150 turned out to be aluminum!!!! I could return it but I don't trust suction type. I put both on the roof. I actually think this is better than leaning on windshield. This way, bugs and rocks are away from the rod. I did experiment with my own rods by driving both gravel roads in slow and local highway in 55 to 60mph. It's so steady. It should be just fine during wading trips. Clients and friends, please trust me my rod holder is safe!!

The river in the back is Lower Madison by the way. With this sunny weather, lots of tributaries are pumping run-off waters to Upper Madison and Ennis Lake so Ennis Dam was loosened to release water....... It's chocolate blizzard again.......

Tomorrow I go and do further tests on these gears and leg-work for my guide trip!

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