Thursday, August 4, 2011

Gardner & Park Pass

Gardner River in Yellowstone Park has been on my list but due to my love affair with Madison and Firehole, I have passed a few times so far. Now I live in Livingston, it's an easy drive to Park's North Entrance. Then as a fly-fishing guide, Gardner is one of the "MUST" to know.
I had a slow day today so I decided to visit Park for the afternoon. With a help from my friend Link who works and lives in Gardiner (spellings of town and river are slightly different and they are not related at all), I got a hang of the river only in one day. I don't call it easy but it's just my kind of place!!

There are lots of eager trout rising on attractor dry-flies. I caught only a few little ones but I spent such a great afternoon. Then I did see a couple of large shadows along my flies too!!

Another objective to visit the Park today was to buy an annual pass. I've been spending $25 a week for a long time. Now I can go in & out for a year with only $50!! For Park waters mania like me, whether living in Montana or other states, this will save your budget and make your visiting plans much easier!!

Next week, I will explore more in the Northeast corner.

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