Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More Float the Stone

Today was another military training, NO!!, guide coaching with Dean. We floated a very productive section of Yellowstone. What a beautiful day to be in the river!! Unlike yesterday, we had no gusts or rain. While I was at oars, Dean caught some nice trout on his famous Pink Pookie.

According to him, it's "not LUCK but SKILL!!". I think it might be true because he caught a couple of Whitefish on my award winning COYOTE!! I can't catch whitefish with my Coyote as it was designed for fall-run trout in Madison!!!! Wonder how he did it and who wants to catch Whitefish anyway....... Then again, in a way, he proved the versatility of my Coyote!!

Just another day at 'Stone with a veteran guide.....Thank you, Dean.

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