Sunday, August 21, 2011

New Rod Review & Greeting

GREETING!! : Tomorrow August 22nd is the second birthday for my blog. It's been lots of stories and pictures from every fly-fishing experience from my journal and fly-tying scene at my tying bench. Thank you very much for dropping by. I have been able to keep myself going SOLELY THANKS to your reviews, comments, and friendship.
OK, here's the review for my brandnew rod. What I got is ECHO EDGE. This is the amazing rod in a very affordable price. ECHO rods are Made in China but who cares? and which trout notice it? I swear my words that each ECHO rod cast much better than cheaper sides of American made rods, period. Major models are in 4-piece and with rod tubes,

and protected with cloth-pockets.

It's really a beautiful finish. I personally like the assembly dots for quick rigging this 4 piece rod.

I also prefer EDGE's reel seat to its upper cousin ECHO 3 so over all I like its finish. I did test casting both but I am positive EDGE casts just fine and great in any fishing situation.

Then again, my first catch on this brandnew rod was a Yellowstone Giant......Coincidentally or not, I was just getting comfortable and confident to cast streamers, then WHAM!!

I even tested CARBON rod and that's also a great rod for more than money can buy.

If you can afford hundreds of $$ to one rod, that's fine and if you own lots of them, congratulation you are a rich man/woman. But I can tell you that expensive rods never promise you to cast further or to catch bigger fish, period.

Nowadays, I'd rather spend for my safety and comfort while fishing; such as wader, wading boots, comfortable clothing, and miscellaneous accessories.
In other words, I suggest people to get out fishing and to practice more casting rather than owning one $$$ rod and going fishing several times a year.

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