Wednesday, August 10, 2011

'Stone Monster

I was going to post about my new 6wt rod. I just went fishing with it today but following things happened so more technical comments on my new rod will be in near future. Just a quick word, "great rod!!"

Today I went fishing with Livingston's long-time outfitter, Dean. I'm learning lots of things from veteran guides in the area. Today was one of those days. As Dean started to row my boat, I personally wanted to see how my new 6wt rod cast streamers with Kelly Galloup's system. My first choice was Sex Dungeon in black.

That was good enough but I also trailed this Smoke Wagon behind it.

As I was doing jerk-strip retrieve, I felt huge WHAM!! I noticed it was large. Battle was not as dramatic as you would imagine. It lasted barely a minute due to my rig and the collaboration between guides!! Anyway, it was another record for myself and for my boat.

It was a bit shy of 24-inch = 2-footer but estimated 5 to 6-pound class!!

Look at his jaw and pectorals.......

With Dean's military command, I had to kiss "HIM".........

We took turns of fishing and rowing and that was all I caught while Dean caught lots of little ones on his dry-flies. We could have found those little ones in the stomach of the brown I landed, I joked!!

Yellowstone is really a diverse fishery. It offers us every opportunity and tactics. I just got one lucky monster with streamers. Then again guides like my outfitters (and me) know what to do!!

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