Saturday, August 27, 2011

Unnamed & Untamed

Today my friend Link and I were originally planning to fish Lamar but with Link's Superintendent (in terms of job and fishing!) Dale joining, we hit a trail. I was allowed to join with one condition "I can NEVER mention the river and the section. If I do, I will be executed". They actually blindfolded me while driving so I really can't tell you!!
Fact is one should not get here unless you are an experienced 19th century mountain man, equipped with a couple of bear-sprays, bug-dopes, bushwhacking hatchets, etc. I took a couple of great pictures of the scene but I just keep them in my mind and just get to fishing.

Oh...........lovely cutthroat all over.............. Chubby Chernobyl Ant wasn't mouthful enough?

Nice & healthy ones..............

Chubby again...............

Link kept catching too. Indeed we all did. Besides those landed, we had three times more risers/lost ones.

I noticed one character of these cutties here. There fins seems slightly colored in orange/pink.

All of their fins were wide, healthy, strong, and beautiful, period.

This place was somewhere else. We fished all day till we noticed it was getting dark. Yet we didn't feel that we fished enough because time had passed so quick!!

I will keep my mouth shut so please don't try to bribe me with Canadian whiskey, fried chicken, or buffalo steak.......

Thanks Link and Dale for the great day!!

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