Wednesday, November 2, 2011

COYOTE in Magazine

Here's a little article but a big achievement for me. My COYOTE made it in a magazine!!
Go to magazine corners and pick up NORTHWEST Fly Fishing November/December 2011 or you can go online ( I also made a permanent PAGE on the right hand side of this blog and posted scanned pictures. Anyway, the fly is MY OWN TIE that I sent in!!

NWFF is region specific so I enjoy it more than other magazines. I hope lots of shops will order many many COYOTEs from Montana Fly Company next year. So readers out there, when you happen to see COYOTE at your near-by flyshop, please try one!! Or have them order if they don't have!!
And you can always buy directly from me (sales page)!!


  1. SWEET!! Congrats on the honor. It's always nice to see ones work recognised by a publication. Very nice! I bet it fishes as good as it looks.

  2. Yeah, COYOTE can be a killer in the fall. I'm heading to Madison in Yellowstone Park before it closes this coming Sunday and swing it for fall-run trout!