Thursday, March 22, 2012

3rd Time Lucky! & 1st Launch of My Boat 2012!

According to today's weather forecast. winds were "supposed to be" calm in the afternoon and sunny sky was "supposed to be" cloudy. So we decided to float "The Bird (Grey Owl to Mallards Rest). This is the 3rd time for me to float Mighty 'Stone this year (first two were so brutal) and the 1st time to launch my boat!
We saw lots of lots of midges in the air and on the water but we saw maybe total 5 rises over the day. Winds weren't as bad as last two floats but never stopped all day. Sky remained blue & bright. Streamer chase was slow to none. We nymphed all day patiently. Believe or not, Whitefish bites were slow too......
However, Graham landed a nice wild brown!!

We knew it was slow rather than so-so but I get tired of complaining and blaming on (or get used to) "supposed weather" here in Paradise Valley. I'd call it OK as I didn't flip over my boat!
Season just started. To be continued!

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