Monday, March 5, 2012

Blown & Brown Day

Today air temp reached 55F!! But the wind.......stronger than yesterday, over 40MPH all day long!! I could barely hold on to grounds. Well, it was funny that I saw lots of anglers on Monday and they all looked for big ones. Are this blog of mine and my Facebook posts read so quickly??? No.......I don't have that many readers/friends from here. It was actually good rather than fishing all by myself as I can do "human observation" (will comment at the end).
As most of you wonder, was there any insects hatches and rising trout? No.......I didn't see any insects even in the air, not to mention on the water.
My favorite spot where I did sight-fishing yesterday was taken but that angler seemed to know how to fish there and doing like I would do so I smiled and left. I fished other sections. Even this little rainbow chased my egg imitation and took it aggressively.

Things slowed down though winds went on. Anglers kept moving and left for home. Who said "it's ON!!"?? Well, then do more observation & footwork!! I fished one of the most overlooked spot, I could even say "impossible" spot to fish or even to think about fishing for most anglers.

I surprised myself!! I thought I got snagged but it was a nice brown!! How I did it? Try yourself, folks!!

 That wasn't all. In a few minutes later, I felt heavier snag and it was a larger brown!! Unbelievable!!

At the end of the day, I caught another nice brown with a sculpin. So it turned out to be a Brown Day today.   Not as red-hot as yesterday but these three nice brownies made my day meaningful!!

Here's a bonus shot of scud that I found at the gravel-guard of my wader. Size 14ish - 16ish and olive-ish & gray-ish.

Human Observation with Guide's Eye.
I saw a group of anglers literally "pounding" streamers, looking for run-up rainbows (I guess). They really scared me and not to mention fish. They should do that at next-door = Yellowstone River. I never meant to but I kind of butted in ahead of them as they were wading so aggressively though I didn't fish. That's the spot I do fish-counting and sight-fishing. I even told them "this is the best spot". "OK" then pound & chuck & duck & wade!! They scared all the trout back into Yellowstone River. Streamers can be deadly at spring creeks and I'm a great fan of it but there's a slight difference from when fishing rivers. I can't emphasize technique and fly patterns enough. It's their rod-fees and none of my business. At the next spot, now they started to pound & chuck & duck in my vicinity. Well the 3rd brown above was caught in front of them on a sculpin............

We might expect some snow but air temp seems staying warm till next weekend. I bet water temp will go up too. So hopefully I can report insect hatches, rising trout, and dry-fly fishing!!


  1. Lovely brown trout! I'd be happy just if I had caught just one of them.

    Have fun! I'm looking forward to the next report,
    Mats Olsson, Sweden

  2. Thanks Mats,
    Browns in our spring creeks remain colorful from last fall. Rainbows are beautiful too. The larger, the more colorful & beautiful. Hopefully I can post a few rainbows also some tiny dryfly fishing!