Sunday, March 4, 2012

It's ON!!

Well, title says it all. I had a great day at DePuy Spring Creek. According to my logs and fishy memories, I'd say it's been since last X'mas that I had actions and bites all day long.
First air temperature reached over 50s!! However WSW wind was blowing constantly and that knocked over insect hatches and trout rises. I wanted to do some more experiments with new nymph patterns but I knew it wouldn't be a good day. When WSW winds is blowing so hard, I might as well cast down-stream with sculpin/leech imitations. This is a very effective tactics as I don't have to fight against winds and winds cause waves on the surface that makes trout less shyer to my streamers even on sunny day like today. Then, what I really mean by "ON" is that Rainbows' spawning run is ON!! Let's go over.

Good start! Within a first few cast, I got a little but aggressive brown. It's hard to say whether he bit my sculpin or my sculpin bit him!!

Then I experienced something remarkable!! I was dead-drifting a sculpin trailed with an egg. At the end of drift, flies floated up to the surface. That was when a rainbow came up and hit the egg!! I saw all!! and screamed "AAGHWWW!!??"

It fought really hard and tried to swim between my legs!! Happy!!

Action went on. Now browns may be following rainbows eggs. It's been a while that I caught a large brown like this at the creek.

People who had fished with me (at least talked with me) would know where I observe intensity of spawning runs and try some sight-fishing. Trout start to gather up!! I caught a nice rainbow and again I saw all the actions!! It might have some Cutty genes as it has orange slashes......

I caught some more small ones but regardless of sizes, they all took my flies aggressively and fought very hard!!
Fishing will be better and better!! With some more patience, we should see spring baetis and midge hatches soon and trout will rise. See what's gonna happen tomorrow!!

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