Wednesday, March 21, 2012

L.L. Beads

I'm embarrassed to go details about this fly but here it is. Name stands for Leech & Larva tied with Beads (that sounds like one of outdoors retails???).

How did I come up with this junk? Fishing at DePuy's, I have seen lots of midge worms (larva).

And this trout was infested by small leeches!! YUCK!!

Since then, my brain was infested by images of...........them. I had to spit out in the shape of something. I thought this might work and started experimenting at DePuy's. I first put 6 beads and hooked fish but they were gone. I figured 6th bead would be making the hook-gape smaller. So I settled with 5 beads. What a technical observation and experiment it has been!! Then it worked!!

Probably most of readers figure out materials and instructions (and who really cares? even I don't care....) but here they are.
Hook: Dai-Riki 280 size 16
Body: 5 small black beads
Thread: Black 8/0

1. Slot beads onto hook then hold with your vise.
2. Attach thread at the bend. Wrap about half of the bend. Make a thread dam so beads don't come off.  Whip-finish there.
3. Coat beads and thread dam with cement for glossy appearance.

I think size 16 represents leech and larva and even cased-caddis larva as one of readers commented. Well, if some of you try in different sizes, let me know catch results. I don't think I will experiment different sizes or colors for this fly.........Have fun!

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