Monday, March 12, 2012

Livingston Winds & Mighty 'Stone

Sorry to all you readers and myself that my weekly report, since last October, from DePuy Spring Creek ( is not conducted this weekend. Instead, I floated our Mighty 'Stone with my guide friend two days in a row. We were blown by 40MPH gusts both days and we learned that we'd better follow weather forecast........... Fishing (midge hatches & streamer fishing) was also blown away.
We lost several flies and emptied several cans..........Afterwards folks!! I won't do RUI (rowing under influence)!!

This is the dilemma for every serious angler; one can't fish two rivers on a same day, you have to choose either one. But with my best guess, I don't think there wouldn't have been great baetis & midge hatches and rising trout at DePuy's either, considering all the gusts and waves. Run-up spawning Rainbows would be plenty at the Creek yet, in other words, I could rest them by not fishing.

Rowing and fishing Yellowstone River can be challenging even for experienced guides. As the longest free-flowing river, it changes every year. So we Livingston guides try to get out as much as we can to learn & locate new braids, hazardous structures, and not to mention goo fishing holes. Now is the good time as water level is probably the lowest of the year. And we pay our great love & respect on this river.

I might go & fish DePuy's for a couple hours in the afternoon next week. I'd like to be the first one to report solid spring baetis hatch & rising trout!!

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