Sunday, March 18, 2012

What Am I missing?

Today it was a strange weather. It was cloudy & stormy with mix of light breezes from north & south. As long as we don't have brutal winds, we call it good weather in Paradise Valley!! I headed to DePuy for the 39th day with my Winter Pass.  I could look & fish for large run-up spawning rainbows, but I'd rather wanted to experiment more tactics, spots, and new flies. The "day-opener" was this fine 'Bow, just when I was thinking "it's about time"!!

 On my own "Royal Ray Charles".

Then I got an answer for my new fly.........

I'm slightly embarrassed to show in public but here it is. Story and theory of this fly will be the next post.

Then I did enjoy "sight-fishing". No sirs & no mams, I did NOT target actual spawners. He was looking for a "date" for a "dinner" and bit on the meal I offered!!

So what am I missing? Well, I did expect hatches of midges & baetis and rising trout. I saw lots of midges & some baetis in the air for sure. Then I observed barely "a few" rises.......I tested my new fly, enjoyed sight-fishing, and observed lots of stuff for my note (beyond this post) so that would be too much a wish for one day, I guess.

I try to be the first one to report solid hatch & rise from Paradise Valley.


  1. Excellent Job and nice flies. Those trout are beauties. That bottom fly looks like it did the trick. Thanks for sharing. Tight Lines.

  2. Hi TM,
    Bottom fly was born by mixing my observation, idea, & some jokes. I guess we all have to have some fun for fishing at waters and tying at our benches. And it proved itself through experiments. I will post what's all about next.

  3. my guess: it's a cased caddis imitation. good idea. been wondering the best way to imitate those, and your way is pretty smart.

    1. Lincoln,
      Yes it can be a cased caddis too. But also, it's meant for leech and larva worms. There are some stories & pictures to share in the next post for this fly.