Friday, March 16, 2012

Yesterday (off) & Today (on) Afternoons

Yesterday and today's afternoon, I whipped myself out of afternoon nappy time after my other job and braved into the "WIND". I headed to DePuy's for a couple hours both days. If I had taken a nap, I would have been blown away into Yellowstone River while unconscious.
Anyway, Yesterday was slow. I had two "nibbles". Wind and sunny day reminded me of slow days in February that I reported. I think that I pushed myself to get out is an important thing but there was not much to judge or observe, to be honest, under the circumstance.
This afternoon was a bit "mildly windy" and eventually died down. During the windy time, I was searching with a sculpin trailed with egg. This nice little brown reacted came up to the surface as if like a dry-fly!! It was only a few seconds after my streamer hit the water!

I didn't curse winds all the time. One has to live with them here in Livingston whether you fish or not. This time I used winds & waves as my camouflage. This is the very last culvert of DePuy's property that spills into Yellowstone River. I have known trout come up through here and rest some just in front of culvert. Lots of anglers try to get them but it's very difficult for some reason. I'd rather not to bother fish here, not to mention spook them back to the River, instead I'd rather wait till they find places in the creek. However, my idea & approach worked today. I tried to sink my streamer trailed with an egg as deep as I can and dead-drift them  above culvert. After that my flies sucked into the culvert. When I retrieve them back slowly, I saw a shadow darting toward the end of my line and grabbed my streamer!! I set the hook and he was on!! I saw all happened in the culvert!! I muscled him out!! Welcome to the creek!!

See how much he wanted it!!

That was enough for me compared to yesterday or even last weekend. Winds died down so I went on to one more likely spot. BANG!! Nice rainbow!!

It wasn't super huge but fat & heavy enough and I couldn't wrap my hand and lift it by one hand!!

I did more observation today which are bit too much to write for the post. Water temp is getting higher day by day depending on weather. We should soon seen more midges and BWOs and rising trout.
Wait for my next post, till then.

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