Sunday, March 24, 2013

Under-water Look Back

I got some positive feedback on my past "dry" posts. Good to hear there are lots of anglers out there who are interested in "bugs" and "pumps" as much as I do! Abundant and predictable insect hatches, trout that are eager to rise, and fineness of dry-fly selection & presentation are what Livingston spring creeks are famous for. Come and enjoy!!......though I don't suggest you be brave on an inclement day like my last post............

Before and after hatch-hours, I still fish with my nymph rig. More rainbows are coming into DePuy's ( and they are hungry!! so why not fishing for them with eggs or whatever works!! Let me review results other than "dry" from last week.

One of "pumps"........I think this is as interesting as pumping out bugs!!


Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to present a brandnew EGG pattern of mine!! For the first time ever, I compiled a slide-show for YouTube. It's so simple that I didn't feel like shooting a video. The fact is I am out of "Otter's Soft Egg" from Montana Fly Company as of right now. I had to come up with a new egg pattern so I can keep fishing!! But also let me tell you that trout WILL get bored and tired of the same egg pattern. So even just a simple egg, showing a new pattern is very important.

Right after this post is online, I'm on my way to creek!! See what I learn and observe today!!

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